• How often should I get an eye examination?
    • A yearly examination is recommended.  Eye sight is more than just having 20/20 vision. We can often see signs of many eye and health conditions such as diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension during your eye health check
  • At what age should I bring my child in for an examination?
    • The American Optometric Association recommends an initial examination at 6 months of age. We can detect many conditions such as a eye turn (strabismus), a high prescription in one or both eyes,  and other congenital conditions.
  • What is covered by OHIP?
    • OHIP covers kids 19 & under, 65 & older for a yearly eye examination. It also covers examinations for those who have certain conditions, such a diabetes, a lazy eye, or side vision loss.
  • Do you direct bill my insurance?
    • We do direct bill several insurances, which saves you the trouble of submitting it yourself!

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