Charitable Work


Dr.Bella in Keifeng, China during the month of March 2014 was participating in a OneSight charity trip.

Dr. Bella participates in several charitable organizations.  Through OneSight, he travelled to Bueng Kan, Thailand, in January 2013. He was part of a group that saw over 8,000 patients, and distributed over 15,000 pairs of glasses.  Dr. Bella also participated in a Vision Van Day in Scarborough through OneSight.  The van travels throughout North America, has two eye examination lanes, and has a lab for fabricating glasses.

At the Newmarket office Dr. Bella sees clients of the Yellow Brick House, a non-profit organization that helps abused individuals with temporary shelter and support.  They are provided with eye care and a complimentary pair of glasses through the OneSight program.

Dr. Bella also participated in clinic trips to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, Pisco Peru, and the Appalachian mountains in West Virginia.